Former social worker and current life coach Mary Rives, certified by local performer and coach Tanya Taylor Rubinstein's Global School of Story, conceived of The #MeToo Monologues, spurred on by the hashtag created by Tarana Burke for women to share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment. The event goes down in a dozen cities across America this week, and Santa Fe's iteration is Monday Dec. 11 at Teatro Paraguas (7 pm. $10 donation. 3205 Calle Marie, 424-1601). The monologues, from a deliberately diverse group of people, have been coached by Rives and fellow Global School of Story grad Marsha Pincus; after the monologues, audience participants are invited to write and read their own stories. Proceeds from the Santa Fe performance benefit Solace Crisis Treatment Center.

Women are speaking out in droves—but many people, including our own president, call them liars. What's your reaction?

The nauseating denial is so invalidating. But it's like we're going from invalidation to utter validation. You're not gonna invalidate me, you're not gonna erase me, you're not gonna silence me. We're moving forward, we're telling our stories. There is no turning back. We are validating ourselves and each other.

Is this a political issue?

Yes. But go back to the first wave of feminism—what if the personal is the political? That whole construct. I think it's not black and white. Political versus what? Anything that impacts society or the workplace, it all comes down to politics. And human behavior—'Make America great again?' Make America civil again, or kind again. This lack of civility and human decency is not to be tolerated. Let's make reparations to everyone we need to make reparations to in good conscience and faith.

What is your overarching emotion right now?

The first thing that comes to me is is exhilarating. I'm exhilarated by the vast expanse of potential here, of this crystallizing moment in our history. And then other times, the more we learn, the more horrific it is, the extent of this—so it's devastating. Devastating and exhilarating. … The patriarchy is crumbling. That's what I like to think. All these crusty institutions that have gotten away with treating women like this. These days are coming to an end. They have to come to an end. And we're going to make sure they do.