Fall is in the air, and with it the promise of a rocking incarnation of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. New Mexico, and Santa Fe in particular, has inspired filmmakers for generations, including cult/indy badass Jon Moritsugu, who calls Santa Fe home. The Pig Death Machine auteur offers a guerrilla film and production distribution course on Saturday, Oct. 3, at SFCC.

What do you think it is about New Mexico that has inspired so many filmmakers?
Unlike totally claustrophobic and over-exploited urban zones, New Mexico is wide open, with insane bright blue skies, 100-mile views and room to figure out just what the hell you have to say.

Growing up, who were some of your greatest influencers?
Kikaida, Black Flag and Mad Magazine.

What's the first piece of advice you give aspiring filmmakers?
Don't get hung up on equipment. Believe in yourself. Kill your idols.