FS2 Supply Co. co-founder Eric Griego fully expected he'd have to leave New Mexico after earning his degree in design from New Mexico State University.

A Santa Fe native (with roots in Carlsbad on his mother's side), he was, however, surprised that his post-collegiate career included a stint at the university before returning to Santa Fe where he opened his design firm, Firestik Studio. He's been going strong ever since, but roughly two-and-a-half years back, he started brainstorming with his family about how they might go into business together—clothing company FS2 Supply Co. was born. And since its inception, Griego and his family have been looking for ways to give back to the community; COVID-19 proved the proper time to step up.

"We're a multi-generational family, we were all born and raised here," Griego tells SFR. "When this situation hit us all, of course the first thing you do is start to worry about yourself, about where the next paycheck is coming from and feeding your family, but my sister was the first to speak up and [point out] how blessed we are, how to not forget we have a roof over our heads and how we'll figure out how to feed our kids—but there are people out there who need a lot more help than we do right now."

Griego's sister, Clarissa Lovato, owns local media company Elevate Media, and she urged him to put his design skills to use for the new FS2 "Juntos," T-shirt, proceeds from which will benefit the All Together NM fund created to help New Mexicans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We were recently able to write our first $1,000 check to the fund," Griego says, "and now we're trying to build on that momentum to see if we can't write another one pretty soon."

The $20 heat-pressed tees are emblazoned with Griego's design of interconnected hands. It's a simple but powerful design that concisely implies the interconnected communities of New Mexico and, according to Griego, the beginning of something even more powerful for the company.

"We'd been brainstorming how to give back to the community to begin with," he says, "so I think this has really gotten our feet wet and our brains moving about how we can successfully launch a fundraiser."

Griego's wife teaches at Chaparral Elementary, so he says whatever fundraising the company does once the pandemic subsides will probably be for the benefit of Santa Fe youth.

"My thought was finding an organization that supports art in schools or a summer program that supports kids and art," he says.

With children of his own in elementary, middle and high school, he's no stranger to the needs of local kids. More broadly, though, Griego is just excited to do whatever he can for his community and his state.

"We founded this company because we're proud of our culture and New Mexico as a whole," he says. "Helping people wear New Mexico with pride is the most awesome part."

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