My friend Scott asked for my advice the other day. He met a guy that he really likes. This guy, Alex, "is really fucking cute, and really cool, and smart."---

Like me, Scott is perpetually single. He wants to be in a relationship because he doesn't want to be alone, but he also enjoys his single life. He doesn't want to have to report to anyone.

It was huge news when Scott told me he could see a future with this dude. The problem? This relationship has seemed jinxed from the start (I'm not sure if "jinxed" is the right word, but I'm going with it).

They hooked up for the first time about a month ago (it was "solidly awesome"). By then, Scott was smitten.

When they were cuddling the next day, Scott learned that Alex was into "a couple of odd sexual things." Scott immediately called me for advice. He sent me a picture before he told me his problem, so I "would know what [he] was dealing with." It worked; this boy was fine.

Alex likes to wear diapers sometimes. It turns him on to wear them, and he will occasionally pee in them. He never poops in them. He sometimes wears them sexually, sometimes just generally. Scott says he's not an adult baby, though.

When I asked Scott if Alex would want him to wear a diaper, he said, "I think he would want it, but he said he wouldn't force it on anyone if they weren't into it." My advice to Scott was to pursue him.

I liked that Alex was honest about this from the get-go, but Scott will have to evaluate again if the relationship gets more serious. My feeling was that it would become an issue if Alex needed to wear a diaper to come.

If it's something this boy likes to do sometimes, then why not? We all have weird things like that (plus, maybe it's not as weird as we think it is—I bet a lot of doctors wear diapers during surgery and stuff).

Scott took my advice, and they started seeing each other regularly. Until Scott went to Alex's house one night after 12 hours of drinking.

Alex flipped his shit. He thought it was disrespectful. He told Scott that he needed a week and that he would let Scott know over the weekend if he wanted to continue dating. I told Scott that this was a terrible sign.

Scott tried to work things out with Alex. They saw each other a few times, had a really passionate hook-up reunion, and were texting a lot.

All was good. But then, DISASTER struck.

A guy Scott had hooked up with right before starting to date Alex texted him, and was all like, "…a month ago I had crabs. Just thought I would let you know...Sorry I didn't do it sooner." Turns out Scott had crabs and just did not notice.

Scott passed the crabs to Alex. He hasn't heard from Alex a lot since then, but he wants to stay together.

What's your take? Should they stay together? Does Alex sound like a tool? Would you stay with Scott after he gave you crabs? So many questions! Email me at