Dec. 3, 2016
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402 N. Guadalupe St.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501
505-988-1809 |
A fine French dinner might sound like a paycheck, but that’s why the French made breakfast and lunch. Those meals have all the richness and restraint of French cuisine, but are priced for the proletariat. Never is that truer than at Clafoutis, an unassuming building with breakfast-only decor on a swift corner of Guadalupe Street.

Clafoutis knows when you need a good croissant—crisp outside, clouds of heaven inside, butter through and through. It even knows when lesser condiments like mayo won’t do, and spreads butter right on your sandwiche au salami. The ham and cheese crepe is a delicious change up from a breakfast burrito and, nearing the girth of its New Mexican brother, it’d probably hold its own in battle of the breakfast—especially if you forgo the whipped cr�me and straight-up douse it in maple syrup.

Or, for those slim French midlines, check out the ample salad menu: greens tangled up with everything from mangoes to prosciutto to salmon and chorizo. Oh, and leave the big bills at home.

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