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<![CDATA[Anonymous - Poetry FIRST PLACE]]>
By: Izze Curtis
Come quick the revolution For the future is a light in the d                       &]]>
<![CDATA[A Somewhat Sonnet to Gynarchy - Poetry SECOND PLACE]]>
By: Melanie Lamb Faithful
I’m living my life in the world of women Blasting through the patriarchy Of my own mind Imprinted from daddy From the day I was born Elfin fingers and toes Stuffed into pink Bows and white ]]>
<![CDATA[Pilgrim Lite: a nod to Gil-Scott Heron - Poetry THIRD PLACE]]>
By: Doug Bootes
Sound the bells of Assisi. The revolution won’t be  pasted on Facebook, or taste like azure margaritas  and blue corn chips.  The revolution won’t be  downloaded toYout]]>
<![CDATA[A modest Proposal to Fix Health Care Costs - Personal Essay SECOND PLACE]]>
By: Samuel Hicken
Stand down. Steven Brill was just the messenger. Brill didn’t invent the stomach-turning revelations laid out in his 2013 TIME cover story “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us”. Bril]]>
<![CDATA[Enough - Fiction FIRST PLACE]]>
By: Brendan Shepherd
I stand in front of the mirror and pull my face back with my hands. I look ten years younger. Then I catch a glimpse of those hands. My mother’s hands. Wrinkled and spotty. They let go of]]>
<![CDATA[The New Math - Personal Essay THIRD PLACE]]>
By: Jill Karla Schwarz
I’m not sure how many people have been applying to get jobs these days, but let me warn you, that if you’re middle aged or older, there are a few surprises out there. You will not only find your]]>
By: Jan Baca
They’d been at it again. Harry smoothed down his moustache, his strangely elfin eyes darting up and down the dirt alley rutted with cold grooves in the early, desert winter morning. Basta]]>
<![CDATA[May 1970: The Bust at the SUB - Personal Essay FIRST PLACE]]>
By: Dianne R Layden
Personal Essay FIRST PLACE May 1970: The Bust at the SUB By Dianne R Layden I had waited for years to protest the Vietnam War, to sit down and not move unless compelled to do so. We shall not, ]]>
By: Sankalpita Nithya
42 MINUTES “Stop laughing.  You’re supposed to feel sorry for me, you prick,” Ralph Adogg bemoans melodramatically, laying his 47-year-old, blond-haired head on his desk. Phillip “Fl]]>
<![CDATA[Author, Author! - SFR Presents the 2010 winners of our annual writing contest]]>
By: Julia Goldberg
A cowboy searches the desert for an old man; a woodcutter loses his prey to another hunter; a political candidate ponders deficits of all sorts. These are the characters who populate this year’s winning fiction entries in SFR’s annual writing contest.]]>
<![CDATA[Santa Fe Writes '08 Cont'd - Third Place Fiction Winner]]> <![CDATA[Santa Fe Writes '08 Cont'd - Second Place Fiction Winner]]>
Michael Agar tackles this year's fiction category, "It's a Mystery."]]>