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Jalapeño’s was built on a foundation of tortas, a grilled Mexican sandwich that, big enough for two, practically demands a siesta in its wake. The tortas at Jalapeño’s are filled with various combinations of meats, plus cheese, avocado, tomatoes, onions, jalapeño slices, chipotle salsa, mayo and mustard. The bread is baked daily at Santa Fe’s Pan de Vida bakery.

<![CDATA[SFR Talk: Complex Complex - With Stephen Guerin]]>

Stephen Guerin is founder and president of Santa Fe Complex, a multifaceted nonprofit that encourages collaboration between art, science and technology. He also is founder and principal of RedfishGroup, an organization that specializes in “complex adaptive systems.”

<![CDATA[Zane's World - Better Wetter]]>
By: Zane Fischer

We might be shy about stocks, bonds and other investments, but water infrastructure can't lose.

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