April 16, 2014

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Dallas Buyers Club

In mid-1980s Texas, electrician Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) is stunned to learn that he has AIDS. Though told that he has just 30 days left to live, Woodroof refuses to give in to despair. He seeks out alternative therapies and smuggles unapproved drugs into the U.S. from Mexico. Woodroof joins forces with a fellow AIDS patient (Jared Leto) and begins selling the treatments to the growing number of people who can't wait for the medical establishment to save them.
  • Genres: Docudrama
  • Running Time: 117 minutes
  • Release Date: Friday, February 7, 2014
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: R [ Drug Use, Nudity, Pervasive Language, Some Strong Sexual Content ]
  • Starring: Matthew McConaughey [Ron Woodroof], Jennifer Garner [Dr. Eve Saks], Jared Leto [Rayon], Denis O'Hare [Dr. Sevard], Steve Zahn [Tucker], Michael O'Neill [Richard Barkley], Dallas Roberts [David Wayne], Griffin Dunne [Dr. Vass], Kevin Rankin [T.J.]
  • Directed by: Jean-Marc VallĂ©e [Director], Craig Borten [Screenwriter], Melisa Wallack [Screenwriter], Robbie Brenner [Producer], Rachel Winter [Producer], David Bushell [Executive Producer], Nathan Ross [Executive Producer], Tony Notargiacomo [Executive Producer], Joe Newcomb [Executive Producer], Nicolas Chartier [Executive Producer], Zev Foreman [Executive Producer], Logan Levy [Executive Producer], Holly Wiersma [Executive Producer], Cassian Elwes [Executive Producer], Yves BĂ©langer [Cinematographer], John McMurphy [Film Editor], Martin Pensa [Film Editor], John Paino [Production Design], Kurt [Costume Designer], Bart [Costume Designer], Kerry Barden [Casting], Paul Schnee [Casting], Rich Delia [Casting]
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