Sept. 25, 2017


Think of that for a moment.

Sure, it can be a stellar lunch, a beyond memorable concert or that little shop which never disappoints with its unique gifts. It can also be a dreaded road trip that you look back on now with beloved reminiscence, an unsuspected food truck you might have been wary of trying and now frequent or a hiking trail where you ate it and your best friends laughed uncontrollably for what seemed like an interminable time.

The best is subjective, and as such, this year's Best of Santa Fe cast a wide net. We asked our contributors, those born here all their lives and recent transplants alike, to talk about their favorite people, places and products, and showcase their untapped version of Santa Fe. One that might include a new live venue they're stoked about, a dish worth driving out of town for, a spot to explore wilderness without leaving the city limits, that one parking lot which drives them crazy or an unlikely urban philosopher who always knows exactly what to say.

This is our version of Santa Fe. The one that makes it into travel books and in-flight magazines, and the grittier one that lies just beneath the surface.

We were lucky enough that a son of Santa Fe, and a best in his own realm, Grant Kosh, accepted the offer of creating this year's cover. In what seems like record time, Kosh airbrushed the badass one-of-a-kind image on an actual car hood and instantly elevated our street cred.

We also asked for your input and for the first time embarked on a nomination process for our voting ballot to ensure your voice was heard. Readers Choice winners can be found below.

Whether you agree with the names on top or not, one thing is sure: For every nightclub Santa Fe doesn't have, options to take Mom out to brunch abound; a bevy of killer thrift and resale shops make up for each designer clothing store we lack; and for each skyscraper we're missing, 10 killer bike trails or galleries are calling your name. Countless adventures await. You just gotta look under the hood.

—Enrique Limón

Blurbs by:
Nicholas Anderson, Alex De Vore, Rob DeWalt, Julie Ann Grimm, Enrique Limón, Todd Eric Lovato, Elizabeth Miller and Thomas Ragan.