Nov. 26, 2015

Category 1: My Santa Fe

What makes our town unique? What make it so Santa Fe? We're looking for iconic scenes, beloved landmarks and secret places as well as creative quirks and community charms. Show us the faces and places that give Santa Fe its character.

Category 2: Neighborhoods

Each region of the city has a flavor all its own. Is the Triangle District your hood? What's making life fun in Tierra Contenta? Who's got the best landscaping on the eastside? We plan to highlight these neighborhoods along with downtown, the Railyard, South Capitol, West Alameda and the Barrio, Arroyo Chamiso, Bellemah and Las Acequias. Take us there.

Category 3: Civic Life

Were you there when a new judge was sworn in or when a state representative visited an elementary school? Did you witness a great wedding at a church or the courthouse, or a graduation ceremony at a local college or an elementary school science fair? Do you head to the hills or hit the gym for recreation? Show us the institutions and people that make up Santa Fe's rich life in community.

Category 4: Food

But not just food, we want to see chefs, restaurants, markets, meals, table settings, kitchen cooks, breweries, wineries, farms and more. Make our mouths water and our imaginations come alive.

Category 5: Music and Nightlife

What local musicians get your toes tapping? Where do you go after hours, and what do you do there? We want to see the venues and performers that get you out of the house: DJs, musicians, singers, orchestras, you name it.

Category 6: Arts and Culture

Santa Fe's art scene is way more than howling coyotes and aspen paintings. What art and artists are inspiring? Let us see them in their studios and on the job. We want to experience art being appreciated inside galleries, museums, and off-the-beaten path emerging art spaces.

Category 7: Shopping

From bedazzled cowboy boots to milagros, muertos and kitschy merch, what is there to buy and where are you buying it? Thrift stores, outdoor gear and high-end fashion aren't off limits. Explore the diversity of our shopping options.

Photo Specifications

  • Image Format: 72 ppi resolution
  • 1,280 pixels on the longest side
  • sRGB or RGB color space (standard) with layers flattened
  • 8 bit mode
  • JPG format with compression at level 7 (at minimum)
  • less than 2MB total size

Finalists will be asked to submit a high-resolution file of at least 300 dpi at 10 inches on longest size within seven days of request. SFR reserves the right to disqualify contestants who are unable to provide a high-resolution file in a timely manner.

Three winners will be chosen in each category.

$10 to submit 10 photos

Submit Photos

By submitting images to the contest, photographers grant The Santa Fe Reporter and all other sponsors the right to publish the images in their publications, websites, email newsletters and any promotional material (i.e. press releases or advertising) without payment.


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