Aug. 20, 2017


Blue Corn Hey, Bob! I just heard your column is going away! Can that really be? I’m afraid it is. This is the final Blue Corn.
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Feb. 01, 2017 by Robert Basler

It’s News to Me…

Blue Corn Happy New Year, Bob! I’m seeing a lot of stuff about the role fake news played in the presidential election. You must be very proud, since that’s your line of work. ... More

Jan. 04, 2017 by Robert Basler

Are You Taking Requests Today?

Blue Corn As Game of Thrones fans know, winter is coming. Wait, it’s already here. And Santa Fe residents may already have noticed that snow and ice are lingering on some streets far longer than they should, thanks to the city’s financial woes.
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Jan. 25, 2017 by Robert Basler

A Dickens of a Santa Fe Tale

Blue Corn Christmas in Santa Fe. Farolitos glowed on the rooftops. On the Plaza, a million lights punctuated the night, reminding us of all that is good in the season. But Ebenezer Scrooge was having none of it.
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Dec. 21, 2016 by Robert Basler

Show me your papers!

Gimme shelter

Blue Corn Bob, I know you follow social issues closely. I heard that Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales was on Fox News, defending sanctimonious cities. What’s up with that? No, not sanctimonious.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Robert Basler

Singing Santa Fe’s Praises

Those bright farolitos, remind me of Cheetos…

Blue Corn This seems an appropriate topic for the issue in which SFR celebrates writing. Every so often, I look around Santa Fe and ask myself, Why aren’t there any great songs about this place? I mean, open your eyes. It’s gorgeous here. ... More

Nov. 23, 2016 by Robert Basler

Just Shoot Him!

You want more blood, anybody?

Blue Corn Sometimes journalists move around and sample different beats to broaden their experience. In line with that, my editor recently asked me to try my hand at reviewing movies. ... More

Nov. 09, 2016 by Robert Basler


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