Nov. 30, 2015

We’re Number Two!

Makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice

Blue Corn You may have heard about a new one of those “Readers’ Choice” lists recently. This one, in Conde Nast Traveler magazine, revealed “The 15 Best Small Cities in the US.” ... More

Nov. 11, 2015 by Robert Basler

Another Santa Fe Fable

What big teeth you have!

Blue Corn Once upon a time in Santa Fe, there lived a girl named Little Red Riding Hood.
... More

Sept. 23, 2015 by Robert Basler

Think of Your Career, Kid!

Did you say wicked, or wicket?

Blue Corn A year ago, I did a column headlined, “Say Cheese, Billy,” about New Mexico’s most notorious resident, Billy the Kid, who spent time here in the Santa Fe jail, and who was killed in the state back in 1881. ... More

Oct. 28, 2015 by Robert Basler

I Dare You to Park Here

What unfriendly looks like on steroids

Blue Corn All things considered, I think Santa Fe is a pretty friendly place. Most of the drivers here will give you an amiable wave as they turn in front of you with no warning.
... More

Oct. 07, 2015 by Robert Basler

The State I’m In…

Our breezes are balmy and so is the song

Blue Corn Hey, Bob! It’s me! How are you? You’re the inquisitive reader who speaks in boldface? Yes! I was hoping you could tell me about New Mexico’s official state song. Do we have one? Of course we do! Is it any good?
... More

Oct. 21, 2015 by Robert Basler

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Get your money for nothing, get your checks for free…

Blue Corn You spend years and years working at a profession you love—like, say, journalism. But then, you suddenly hear about a different job you never knew existed, and now you think you may have wasted your life. ... More

Sept. 09, 2015 by Robert Basler

Heads I Win…

A trophy worth killing for

Blue Corn A few weeks ago, human beings around the world were sickened by the senseless slaughter of Cecil, the magnificent lion in Zimbabwe.
... More

Aug. 26, 2015 by Robert Basler

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