May 25, 2017

Santa Fe Reporter Demographics


A Santa Fe institution since 1974, the Santa Fe Reporter delivers award-winning journalism, stimulating commentary, in-depth coverage of local and cultural experiences and is known as the definitive source for local entertainment information and reviews. Stories, topics and details often overlooked or ignored by other media are covered in the Santa Fe Reporter.

The Santa Fe Reporter's nine annual special issues reflect the diversity of its audience and their interests. Two special supplements, the Annual Manual and the Restaurant Guide, are the region's most popular and respected guides to life in Santa Fe.


The Santa Fe Reporter circulation system is carefully monitored and professionally designed to get the weekly paper and special supplements into the reader's hand quickly. Every Wednesday is Pick Up Day as thousands of readers make their way to one of the more than 300 street boxes, wire racks, stores, restaurants and other distribution outlets throughout Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

Nearly 60,000 readers each week. More readers than the daily paper and other printed products. 66% of Santa Fe Reporter readers pick up 2 or more issues of the paper each month. On the average a Santa Fe Reporter reader refers back to each issue 4 or more times. 37% of Santa Fe Reporter readers go online to to get updated on information. Just about an even gender split with 49% female readers and 51% male.



Santa Fe Reporter readers are intelligent and forward thinking. 70% graduated from college, 25% have graduate degrees. These readers want to be challenged. And they want to challenge. They seek out the Santa Fe Reporter stories and opinions to remain on the cutting edge of arts, politics, media, economics and other facets of an active life. These intelligent Santa Fe Reporter readers crave provocative, original ideas and welcome new products and services.


Santa Fe Reporter readers enjoy a large disposable income. 55% of readers have a Household Income of $50,000 - $100,000 with 22% of readers at a Household Income of more than $100,000. These readers are established consumers, 60% of Santa Fe Reporter readers are homeowners, active participants in remodeling, furnishing a home, and purchasing new and used vehicles. This adds to their willingness and ability to spend money on the lifestyle products and services they see in the Santa Fe Reporter.


The Santa Fe Reporter attracts the Savvy Singles audience. 65% of the Santa Fe Reporter readers are single. These well-educated adults earn upper-middle incomes and are in the most active consumer phase of their lives. Decisions include major purchases such as a home and automobile, the long term financial considerations of retirement plans and insurance as well as day-to-day dining, entertainment, recreation and wardrobe options.


The Santa Fe Reporter appeals to active, young readers. The average age of the Santa Fe Reporter Reader is 46 years old. 75% are between the ages of 25-54. This highly desired age group rarely reads or sees traditional media but they made our newspaper their newspaper. Their fast paced lifestyle find the Santa Fe Reporter paper, website, newsletters and mobile site essential as a go-to community resource for what to do. As inquisitive, early adapters of new products and alternative services they seek out Santa Fe Reporter stories and opinions on dining, entertainment, technology, recreation and other products. And they have money to spend.


As an advertiser in the Santa Fe Reporter your message will reach this dynamic and involved audience, people often missed by daily paper, radio or television advertising. The consistency of high-quality content in the paper combined with the loyalty of the Santa Fe Reporter reader will build frequency and top of mind awareness quickly for your message, faster than advertising in other media. Advertising in the Santa Fe Reporter jump starts a new business and steadily grows the market share of an established business.

The best benefit offered by Santa Fe Reporter advertising is results! The large and diverse roster of current advertisers includes local and national restaurants, retail, entertainment, financial institutions, health care, real estate and more.

Contact the Santa Fe Reporter now. Use this premiere advertising vehicle to put your message to work.

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2015 Special Issue Calendar

Love and Sex February 11
Mind, Body, Spirit March 11
Annual Manual May 6
Local Music Issue May 6
Summer Arts Preview May 27
Summer Guide June 17
Best of Santa Fe July 15
Best of Santa Fe in a Day (Advertising Section) August 5
Indian Market (Advertising Section) August 19
Outdoor Santa Fe September 16
Restaurant Guide October 21
Writing Contest November 18
Winter Guide November 25
Holiday Gift Guide (Advertising Section) December 9