April 26, 2015

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March 25, 2015 by Joey Peters  
April 8, 2015 by Joey Peters  
March 25, 2015 by Alex De Vore  

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Light On

Outdoor Vision Fest returns for fifth luminous helping

Arts Valve For a full calendar year, students at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design have been beating their brains on how to build upon what has, in four years, become a standout in the local public artscape: Outdoor Vision Fest.
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April 22, 2015 by Enrique Limón

3 Questions

with Richard Saxton

3 Questions On Wednesday, Richard Saxton, a member of Colorado interdisciplinary collective M12, speaks on the topic of food justice as it applies to equine issues at the Santa Fe Art Institute in their Conversations @SFAI series.
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April 22, 2015 by Red Cell


Monroe Gallery tips artistic hat to Margaret Bourke-White

Picks As a symbol for globetrotting photojournalism, Margaret Bourke-White’s brand in the field is still felt today. ... More

April 22, 2015 by Enrique Limón

A Spoonful of Sugar

SF Performing Arts gives new life to the flying nanny

Art Features Most of us at some point in our childhood fell under the enchantment of Mary Poppins’ spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down.
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April 15, 2015 by Emmaly Wiederholt

Game of Thrones for Noobs II

Season 5, Episode 2 review:

Pop Culture Welcome back to another Game of Thrones review. Be aware that spoilers are ahead but that I also have no fucking clue about what the hell is going on. ... More

April 20, 2015 by Alex De Vore


Photographer documents subject for 23 years

Picks “I’ve been wanting to do this book for some years, but at the same time not too soon, because you want enough time to pass,” renown portraitist Jock Sturges says in a video interview with Steidl publishing house.
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April 08, 2015 by Enrique Limón

3 Questions

with Lawrence Matthews

3 Questions Lawrence Matthews and special guest Matt Horowitz speak about the process of buying, selling and caring for artwork in the Collector’s Forum workshop. ... More

April 15, 2015 by Red Cell

Fiesta Queen

Author brings NM-centric tome home

Picks There are many words of praise revolving around Kirstin Valdez Quade’s Night at the Fiestas: Stories. A collection of state-centered tales heavily influenced by her upbringing and local lore, Fiestas, a 2014 National Book Foundation “5 under 35" honoree.
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March 25, 2015 by Enrique Limón

Finding Demo

That odd little building on Museum Hill meets its maker

Arts Valve “It’s better that way,” the artist, who flew in to supervise the demolition, says. His trip, layovers and a memorable encounter with customs later, took close to 20 hours. Being present for the momentous occasion was important given that he was a banner man for the ill-fated movement to save the original 19th century CA Fàbregas i de Caralt factory. ... More

Feb. 04, 2015 by Enrique Limón