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Strings of Atlas with Soupe

9 pm, Jul 24, 2012 | $5

Normally, if a musician cites Lenny Kravitz as an inspiration, we move right on, but Texas’ Strings of Atlas sounds like Chuck D of Public Enemy fell in love with a never-ending string of garage-rock guitar riffs and psychedelic classic rock bands like MC5.

This is heavy-ass music that should please anyone from Rage Against the Machine fans to Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar purists—and it’s all brought to you by one man. Atlas Cage makes Dick Van Dyke look like a jerk (yes, that’s a Mary Poppins one-man-band dis), and he does so in a beat-poet-picking-up-the-guitar fashion.

Rock act Soupe opens, and if adding that extra “e” doesn’t stick it to the man, well then we don’t know what does.

Where: The Underground
200 W San Francisco St.
Santa Fe, NM


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