Feb. 5, 2016
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Bill McKibben: A Change-Making Event

7pm, Nov 09, 2011 | $25-$100

 How does art affect community? What is art’s impact on the environment? These questions are at the heart of Santa Fe’s first Environmental Arts Day, proclaimed by Mayor David Coss for Nov. 9. Bill McKibben—founder of climate change initiative 350.org, which has organized more than 15,000 rallies in 89 countries—addresses these issues and more at a benefit for the Santa Fe Art Institute. The institute worked with 350.org to organize last year’s Flash Flood for a Living River event, in which approximately 1,500 people, well, flooded the Santa Fe River—carrying recycled cardboard, tarps, umbrellas, blankets and anything blue they could find. Satellites photographed the event, along with 19 others worldwide, which created the appearance of water. (RamĂłn A Lovato)

Where: Lensic Performing Arts Center
Phone: 988-1234
211 W San Francisco St.
Santa Fe, NM
Website: http://www.lensic.com/


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Lensic Performing Arts Center

211 W San Francisco St.
Santa Fe
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