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Vidrio y los Muertos

Nov 03, 2011

Glass art doesn’t typically fall within the category of “fine art,” nor do fine artists normally use glass. This according to Matthew Chase-Daniel, co-founder/director of the mobile gallery Axle Contemporary, who has teamed up with the New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop for a DĂ­a de los Muertos exhibition and demonstration of the wonderful properties, possibilities and paranormalities of vitrified quartz. The collaboration, Chase-Daniel says, doesn’t argue that all glassworks constitute art, but that artists who have the patience and experimental impulse to try glass will find its applications boundless. And working with glass, he says, is just as difficult—or at least no more difficult—than using paints or clay or words; the outcome comes down to the artist’s degree of commitment. Artists who do venture into glass—such as the 12 or so associated with the collaboration—he says, become obsessed with the primal, molten quality of the materials. One might say they attempt a sort of high-brow clairvoyance. 

2-10pm Friday, Oct. 28

9am-1pm Saturday, Oct. 29

Through Nov. 19


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