Feb. 26, 2017
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Porncake 2011

4-8 pm, Mar 26, 2011 | Free

Have your porn and eat it, too, at Porncake 2011, a “competitive edible erotic art show.”

Photographer and co-curator Sam Haozous—who hatched the idea for this event appropriately “late night on Facebook after a few beers”—says the cakes will be judged in categories of design, flavor and “CILF” (like MILF except with cakes instead of moms) by a panel of local celebrity judges: Santa Fe New Mexican food writer Rob DeWalt, chef Rocky Durham and artist Erika Wanenmacher.

Haozous says the cake artists—bead artist Teri Greeves, jeweler Keri Ataumbi and photographer Katie Avery, to name a few, have already signed up—are mum about their salacious sweets, but most are either structural pornography (cakes shaped like people or, er, things) or cakes emblazoned with pornographic photos (kids must be accompanied by an adult).

Haozous’ submissions bear photos from San Francisco’s fetish bazaar Folsom Street Fair and will likely be lemon or carrot flavored. After undressing the cakes with your eyes at a viewing, get a little more personal for a tasting. DJ Flo Bug and DJ Mescalit0, more orthodox art by the cake artists, as well as a henna artist round out the bill with a more G-rated sensibility.

Where: Ahalenia Studios
2889 Trades West, Ste. E
Santa Fe, NM
Website: http://www.ahalenia.com/


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