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It Wasn't the Dream of Golden Cities

Aug 02, 2010 | Museum admission
The four artists of Postcommodity arts collective were recently asked by neighboring businesses to take down a piece from their installation exhibit—and it hasn’t even opened. But the offending artwork isn’t going anywhere.

From outside the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts’ fence, passersby can see the piece: a taxidermied mule deer hanging 15 feet in the air, its guts exposed. It’s called “P’oe iwe navi ünp’oe dînmuu” (My Blood Is in the Water), and it’s one of three pieces commissioned in response to the Santa Fe 400th Anniversary. The work celebrates the relationship between indigenous people and the land, as well as their struggle for continuity and culture.

Postcommodity’s Kade L Twist says the attention drawn by the exhibit is building some valuable interest: “They’re not seeing a beautiful Navajo rug being weaved; they’re seeing the brutality of our existence, but also something that we give thanks to.” Inside, a multimedia piece places viewers amid a Pueblo Revolt-era ambush, and an audio-video piece explores the shifting status of the land around Santa Fe.

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