Aug. 22, 2017

The Year in Closed Government

How a private email network exposed the secret dealings of top government officials

by Justin Horwath and Joey Peters

To Serve the Governed, Not the Governors
. Each December, SFR publishes a list of the year’s top 10 stories. But this year, one story overshadowed them all: closed government.

At SFR, we pride ourselves on our commitment to old-fashioned investigative reporting. We consider it our duty to find out what our government—of, by and for the people—is really doing, and then to inform our readers so they can make educated choices.

SFR's Closed Government Coverage

News, Feb. 20: "What Transparency? AP Can't Get Guv's Schedule; Neither Can We" by Alexa Schirtzinger

Cover story, June 20: "Behind Closed Doors" by R Harrison Dilday and Joey Peters

News, June 20: "Black Drops" by Alexa Schirtzinger

News, July 3: "IPRA Wars" by Alexa Schirtzinger

News, July 4: "Leaked" by Joey Peters

News, July 11: "Money Well: Want to donate thousands to a campaign? Start a company."

News, July 17: "A Higher Power" by Justin Horwath and Joey Peters

Blog, July 17: "Pat Rogers, The Jokester" by Joey Peters

Blog, July 21: "Lobbyist Pat Rogers Resigns from Open Government Group" by Justin Horwath

Cover story, Aug. 22: "Trouble at the Ol' Racino" by Joey Peters

News, Aug. 22: "Undocumented" by Joey Peters

Blog, Aug. 31: "BREAKING: Lawyer, Lobbyist and Republican National Committeeman Pat Rogers Resigns from Abq Law Firm" by Alexa Schirtzinger

News, Sept. 11: "Giant in the Dark" by Justin Horwath and Joey Peters

Blog, Sept. 11: "Governor Chief of Staff Mentioned Top State Fair Job As Potential Fit for Roswell Fire Dept.'s EMS Chief" by Joey Peters

News, Oct. 2: "Free Money! Sort of..." by Alexa Schirtzinger
and the backlash

News, Oct. 9: "Numbers Game: A Greatest-Hits of Campaign Finance" by Alexa Schirtzinger

News, Nov. 7: "How the Southwest Was Won" by Justin Horwath and Joey Peters; Alexa Schirtzinger contributed reporting

News, Nov. 13: "Too Close?" by Justin Horwath

News, Nov. 20: "Martinezcare: Temperatures rise as New Mexico weighs the future of health care" by Justin Horwath

News, Nov. 27: "Fourth-Floor Shakeup" by Justin Horwath

Blog, Nov. 30: "Leavitt Partners Declines to Disclose Private Equity Investments" by Justin Horwath

Blog, Dec. 1: "Documents: Reform New Mexico Now Fined for Ethics Violations" by Justin Horwath and Peter St. Cyr

News, Dec. 4: "Duffy's Out" by Justin Horwath

News, Dec. 11: "Elephant in the Room" by Justin Horwath



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