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3 Questions With: Grant Kosh

March 14, 2014, 3:00 pm
By Enrique Limon

After losing his mainstay exhibit spaces—Atomic Grill and later Marble’s Tap Room, SFR Project Art Box veteran and all-around airbrush badass Grant Kosh unveils his latest works today at Back Street Bistro.

Adhering to is signature style, his latest batch depicts icons like Muhammad Ali, Richard Pryor and Mexican surrealist Frida Kahlo. The Waldorf School alum’s take on art is a breath of fresh air among his contemporaries, making him a true Santa Fe original. 

What was the genesis behind this exhibit?
I saw a call for artwork at Back Street, so I walked into the bistro and left my portfolio. At first I was told  ‘sorry,’ because my pieces were too intense. I received an email days later saying [owner] David Jacoby Really liked my work and that they’d give it a chance.

You’re greatly influenced by icons, how did the ones in the show make the cut?
I wanted to hang the pieces that no one really got to see up close at Atomic Grill, plus a few new ones. I also wanted people to know that they can commission me to paint whatever they want. The paintings I show are all for sale, but I hope they generate ideas and a desire for the viewer to order their one-of-a-kind Grant Kosh portrait. Be it featuring kids, grandparents, pets, etc.

The exhibit’s centerpiece depicts Rosa Parks’ mugshot. What was it about her that inspires you?

Rosa Parks inspired many before me. She stood her ground for what she believed in, and the smirk on her face shows who prevailed that day. 


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