--2 The Covers That Could Have Been: A look at our alternate covers for the week of 3/5
Oct. 27, 2016
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The Covers That Could Have Been

A look at our alternate covers for the week of 3/5

March 5, 2014, 2:00 pm
By Enrique Limon
March 4, 2014 was a deadline day for the books at SFR headquarters.

Coinciding with municipal election day, our standard cut-off time was prolonged in order to feature our mayor-elect in our cover and give readers the closest to a definite story as possible.

As evidenced by today's issue, Javier Gonzales took top prize:

But there were alternates: One pronouncing Patti Bushee winner, a couple of working pieces for Dimas and a dreaded undecided one. 

Here's Patti's:


Dimas option one:


Dimas work in progress option 2:


"Too close to call" option:


Oh yeah, and then there was this Chinese food and Mtn Dew-fueled monstrosity: 


Special thanks to our art director Anson Stevens-Bollen for his work, and PepsiCo, makers of fine Mtn Dew products.


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