--2 DOCUMENTS: Zia Traffic Study
Sept. 24, 2017
Rail Runner

DOCUMENTS: Zia Traffic Study

Here's the $55,000 traffic study that could change the future of the Candlelight neighborhood.

February 21, 2014, 2:30 pm
By Justin Horwath

Crash analysis! Pedestrian connectivity! VISSIM model evaluation!

All the exciting information for city planning geeks that $55,000 in taxpayer money bought is now public. 

It's the New Mexico Department of Transportation's traffic study that analyzed the impact of the opening a long unused kiss-and-ride Rail Runner train station—which for years has been caged by a fence at the intersection of St. Francis Drive and Zia Road. 

SFR has posted the entire document below—including the raw data. 

It took us several hours of labor to hunt down the study, scan it and upload it to our website. 

SFR got word the study became public this week. But the New Mexico DOT, the agency that commissioned the study, told us we had to obtain it from one of the state lawmakers who sponsored a 2012 memorial that funded the report. 

So on Thursday, we hunted down Sen. Nancy Rodriguez, D-Santa Fe, leaving the Senate floor after the close of the legislative session. After she hugged some of her legislative colleagues and wiped some tears from her face—she said her fellow lawmakers are like a family to her—she led us into the dark Roundhouse parking garage, opened the trunk of her car and handed SFR a thick, beautiful stack of crisp, public documents.

The study could help reignite the showdown between the developers who own the land where the train station sits and residents of the surrounding Candlelight neighborhood, who years ago opposed the developers' mixed-use plans for the land and who lobbied state lawmakers to fund the traffic study on what they say is a dangerous intersection. The developers have had to wait two years for the study before making another proposal for the land. They argue that opening the train station will represent Santa Fe taking advantage of alternate transit modes. 

Zia Traffic Study by cppc1


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