--2 Morning Word: AG says insufficient evidence of fraud for provider
March 27, 2017

Morning Word: AG says insufficient evidence of fraud for provider

And the final Morning Word on the Santa Fe Reporter...

January 17, 2014, 8:00 am
By Matthew Reichbach
No better way than just ripping the band-aid off, so here it goes. This is the final Morning Word that will appear on the Santa Fe Reporter website.

The Morning Word has been up almost every weekday since June 1, 2012 (barring holidays, vacations and random computer outages). I have seen the audience grow and I'm grateful for everyone who reads and for all of those at the Santa Fe Reporter that picked up my little daily rundown of news from Farmington to Carlsbad to Raton to Deming -- and everything in between.

This won't be the last that you see of me here. I will be blogging for SFR during the legislative session and you'll see daily dispatches on the action going on from the Roundhouse. And the Morning Word will still run at my site, New Mexico Telegram each weekday morning (barring holidays, vacation and random computer outages).

Thank you again to all the readers and everyone who made this possible.

So for one last time, on to the Word:


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