--2 Free 'Game of Thrones' Marathon Continues Today at the Cocteau
March 27, 2017

Free 'Game of Thrones' Marathon Continues Today at the Cocteau

January 13, 2014, 1:00 pm
By Enrique Limon
“We had to turn over 100 people away,” Jean Cocteau Cinema owner and A Song of Ice and Fire series author George RR Martin told SFR last Monday evening outside his arthouse.

True to his famed Stark family’s motto, winter was in the air, but that did not stop people like 59-year-old Robin Davidson and her son Britton from lining up as early as 7 am outside the theater—a full 12 hours before show time.

Davidson heard about the marathon series in the pages of SFR. “I handed him the article and I said, ‘Britton, we need to do this!’”

She refers to the experience of waiting outside the theater in the cold as “wonderful,” given that Martin and crew supplied them with blankets, coffee and donuts.  

“The staff introduced themselves by name, they knew us, they were all so sweet,” Davidson said. “We love the story, we love the characters, the author. Actually, the experience today made us love everything more.”

“It didn’t feel like we were at it alone in the what was it? Eight degrees this morning?” her son continued.

“I was afraid people might freeze to death,” GRRM said with a chuckle.

A kiss from wife Parris later, Martin welcomed the packed house and introduced the maiden three episodes of Thrones. The 12-week series continues today and the Montezuma Ave. theater.

Moving forward, GRRM promises Skype-ins from show runners and stars, and live appearances by cast members like Maisie Williams, who is set to grace Santa Fe on Monday, Jan. 20.

For the uninitiated in the sheer badassness of Williams’ character, Arya Stark, here’s a little preview:

More information on the marathon series, can be found here.


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