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Sept. 22, 2017
Baby it is cold outside.
Alexa Mangrum

Snow Storm Saftey 101

Navigating New Mexico's Roads

December 5, 2013, 10:00 am
By Alexa Mangrum

A winter wonderland is upon us! Yeah, it’s gorgeous, but good luck navigating (or driving) in the slippery conditions. 

The National Weather Service reports that Santa Fe metro has already gotten 6 inches of snow today, and with at least 3 more to go, your safest bet is to stay in and snuggle down. For those of you headed out, heed these tips for a safe trip:

Navigating New Mexico

1. Be prepared.

·    Check that your tires are properly inflated even before the snow starts to fall. Make sure your fuel tank is a minimum of half full at all times and consider packing a few survival things to leave in your car.

·     Recommended items include:

· A scraper and brush, small shovel, jumper cables, tow chain and a bag of sand or cat litter for tire traction.

· Also include road flares, a blanket, heavy boots, warm clothing and a flashlight with batteries.

· Keep an emergency survival kit in the car, including high-energy food such as a chocolate bar or energy bar.

· Kick it old school: Candles are the ultimate survival equipment! A single candle inside your cars interior can keep the vehicle warm enough to prevent hypothermia.

2. Get Low

·    If you are driving, keep your lights on low. This points your headlights towards the pavement and makes drivers much more likely to see you than if your lights are off (don’t be a jerk and drive with your brights)

3. Keep it Clean

·     If your car was parked outside, clear away all snow from the hood, windows and front grill. This will prevent huge chunks from flying at you from the grill while you are trying to concentrate on the road. Dust off those headlights!

4. Use the Buddy System

·    Two sets of eyes are always better than one, especially during a storm. If you do have to travel, take a buddy. If you can’t take a buddy, always travel with a fully charged phone.

5. Keep Calm & Steer On

·     If you start to skid, don’t stress. Lift your foot OFF the gas pedal and steer your car in the direction you want to go. Do NOT pump brakes. Easy does it, apply steady pressure to the brake pedal.

6. Keep Calm Pt. 2 : Stay Put

·    Even if you think you know the roads like a pro, don’t pull a MacGyver. Stay put. If you are stranded, run your engine for heat about once every hour and make sure the exhaust pipe is clear to prevent carbon monoxide coming into the car.

Some helpful sites to keep you updated:



National Weather Service


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