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Sept. 22, 2017

Jesus Spotted on Local Rock

November 11, 2013, 11:00 am
By Enrique Limon

s a landscape artist, it’s not unusual for Paul Marcus to discover inherent patterns and designs in his natural surroundings.  

Over the summer, however, Marcus saw a likeness like no other—that of Jesus on a rock.

“I was working on a water feature project and, actually, the homeowner spotted it before I did,” Marcus tells SFR exclusively.

The righteous rock unearthed just south of Santa Fe could have ended as merely adornment for the contractor’s project, but after getting over the initial shock and getting a closer look at it, it was clear this wasn’t your everyday mineral formation.

“I stood it upright and when I saw it, I just went ‘Oh, my gosh!’” he recalls with wonderment. “Once you see it, it just pops up at you.”

Marcus, a member of the Eldorado Community Church, says that for the time being, the homeowner wishes to remain anonymous.

“My first thought was: I’ve seen grilled cheese sandwiches with the image of the Virgin Mary—so I thought dollar signs—but I turned to the client and they told me they didn’t want to turn their back yard into Chimayó.”

So, a consensus to sell it with Marcus as the intermediary was reached.

“It’s something that not just Santa Fe or New Mexico, but the world should see,” he says.

As for the price tag, that’s still up in the heavens.

“It’s not uncommon to find animal faces, even people faces in rocks when you’re doing a rockscape,” Marcus says. “But o see the face of Jesus…that’s an entirely different story.”

Marcus hopes news of the sacrosanct stone makes its way up the ladder all the way to the Vatican.

“It’s just an amazing rock,” he concludes. 

Images by Ben Mittleman.


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