--2 Santa Fe state lawmakers bring in cash
Sept. 26, 2016

Santa Fe state lawmakers bring in cash

Rep. Carl Trujillo has outpaced area lawmakers in fundraising.

October 15, 2013, 6:00 pm
By Justin Horwath

Just because an election isn't around the corner doesn't mean lawmakers aren't begging for cash.

Rep. Carl Trujillo, D-Santa Fe, has had a busy fundraising period, according to the latest campaign finance reports filed with the Secretary of State for the period of April 2 through Oct 7.

Trujillo’s campaign committee spent $6,891 in greens fees at the Santa Fe Country Club on Oct. 4 for a fundraiser. His committee also doled out $900 on Oct. 3 to the Bull Ring Restaurant for gift certificates for a fundraiser.

That's apparently paying off. He outpaced his Santa Fe area Roundhouse lawmakers after pulling in just over $23,000 in this reporting period. With $9,832 spent, Trujillo reported $13,663 cash on hand. But the rookie District 46 representative’s political committee is still weighed down by $40,300 in debt carried forward from previous reporting periods.

Rep. Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe, reported raising $6,980—including a $100 contribution from County Commissioner Kathleen Holian—and spending $6,366 in that period. With an opening balance of $4,953, he now has $5,566 cash on hand.

Sen. Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe, raised $250 in the reporting period, but he already had $51,177 cash on hand. Sen. Nancy Rodriguez, D-Santa Fe, didn’t raise any money in the reporting period. Her campaign committee has $12,088 cash on hand and spent $1,514 on a phone, iPad, printers and annual dues to the Washington DC-based National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislatures, according to her campaign report.


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