--2 New Mexico State Cop Who Went on Louisiana Trip Resigns
Sept. 22, 2017

State Cop Who Went on Louisiana Trip Resigns

DPS says Ruben Maynes is pursuing a life in the private sector.

September 27, 2013, 10:00 am
By Justin Horwath

One of the State Police officers who served as the First Gentleman's security detail on a controversial hunting vacation to Louisiana resigned from the force.

State Police spokesman Emmanuel Gutierrez tells SFR that Ruben Maynes resigned in good standing effective September 11.

"He indicated he was resigning to pursue personal interests outside law enforcement in private the sector," Gutierrez writes.

Update: after a question from SFR, Gutierrez writes that agent Frank Chavez, who also went on the trip, is still on the governor's security detail.

Maynes was one of two State Police officers who planned a September, 2011 alligator hunting trip to the Bayou State. His wife's uncle helped pay for accommodations for Maynes, State Police Officer Chavez and Gov. Susana Martinez' husband Chuck Franco. After the two officers invited Franco, they were paid by the state for working as Franco's security detail, including at overtime and holiday rates. State Police Chief Robert Shilling—who has since retired, citing health and family—has told media outlets the two cops didn't invite Franco to obtain taxpayer money for the trip. State law mandates that the State Police chief work with the governor's office in determining the extent and manner State Police officers provide security protection for the governor and the governor's family.

As SFR reported, taxpayers also picked up $630 in gas for the six-day, 2,230 mile trek and $123.94 for in-state meal expenses. 

Citing security concerns, the administration has refused to disclose receipts for the meal purchases. SFR submitted an official complaint with the state attorney general's office alleging the Department of Finance and Administration violated the Inspection of Public Records Act in refusing to disclose the expenses. The complaint is pending.

SFR also reported that Maynes, while he was a State Police officer, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors for contracting without a license in May, 2010. The court suspended two 90-day sentences in the Grant County Detention center and put him on 728 days of unsupervised probation requiring that the cop "conduct himself as a law abiding citizen."

A 2009 bankruptcy petition shows Maynes had written $6,263 in bad checks to an Arizona drapery supplier. He owed citizens thousands in unfinished contracting work, according to the petition.

Maynes wife Donna was hired on February 27, 2012 for $55,000 annually to be Gov. Susana Martinez' executive assistant, according to state records.


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