--2 PHOTOS: Santa Fe City Council Votes On Gay Marriage
Feb. 6, 2016

PHOTOS: Santa Fe City Council Votes On Gay Marriage

Several dozen attend April 24 meeting

April 24, 2013, 5:00 pm
By Justin Horwath
An estimated 140 gathered in the Santa Fe City Council's April 24 meeting in anticipation
of the city's proposal to urge
county clerks to grant same-sex marriage licences
Jose Vasquez tells SFR a gathering outside City Hall protesting the measure represented
"a Christian perspective that had not really been demonstrated." 

 Vasquez, a blogger at nmwatchman.com, tells SFR that a rally gathered outside was a spontaneous gathering of "just folks concerned with a Christian perspective, a traditional marriage perspective."

Those opposed to the measure prayed Hail Marys. At one point, a woman spoke over the priest, 
explaining that she's a Catholic lesbian who told the gatherers that if they were hungry, she would
feed them at her table.

Inside, supporters of the measure wore placards like this one. 

A Santa Fe Fire Department official told SFR that 140 people had filed into the meeting.

Tom Newman and Jerry Permenter attended in support of the measure.
"We're known for tolerance, we're known for being inclusive," Permenter says of Santa Fe. 

 Mayor David Coss, in announcing his support for the measure, said that his daughter is gay
"She has a partner who is a lovely woman, and as a dad, I’d just like to walk her down the aisle some day," he said.
"And I’ll never get to do that if we don’t move on these issues in Santa Fe.”


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