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April 30, 2017
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VIDEO: The Breaks of the Game

State lawmakers duel it out in an intense game of basketball

March 5, 2013, 1:00 pm
By Joey Peters

 Trash talking, showboating, hard fouling—it was all there last Friday when state lawmakers faced off in a heated game of basketball.

Below, check out video highlights from the annual Legislative basketball game, which raised more than $20,000 for cancer research at the University of New Mexico. Also, check out the stat sheet for the game complied by Matthew Reichbach.

The House Aggies beat the Senate Lobos 40-33.

Neither the House nor the Senate has a player who can dunk, though a few come close.

Though not considered big by NBA standards, state Sen. Mark Moores, R-Bernalillo, is by far the Big Man of the Senate. Moores, as tall as Michael Jordan, stands at a towering height of 6 feet, 6 inches and packs 305 pounds onto his burly frame.

Better built for football—he played as an offensive lineman for the Lobos in the late ’80s and early ’90s—Moores cannot dunk, though he says he used to be able to when he was younger and lighter.

Nobody on the House side comes close to Moores’ size, although state Rep. Nate Gentry, R-Bernalillo, reportedly dunked in practice. It took the help of state Rep. Carl Trujillo, D-Santa Fe, who, as a freshman lawmaker, assumed his rookie role in what could have been a hazing ritual. 

“I got on my hands and knees,” Trujillo says, “and Gentry came across the top, off my back and in the hoop. It happened.”

Stats compiled by Matthew Reichbach:

State Senate Lobos

                                              Pts           Blk           Ast        Stl        Rbd

J. Sapien                                  8                                             1

H. Morales                             12                                            2           2

J. Ryan                                     2                                            2           3

C. Pirtle                                    1                                1          4           1

T. Keller                                                   2                1                       5

B. O’Neill                                 8                                             2           1

M. Moores                               2                                                          3

J. Cervantes                                                                                        1


State House Aggies

                                               Pts           Blk           Ast        Stl        Rbd

J. Strickler                               5               1                                          2

Z. Cook                                   8               1                                          3

C. Trujillo                                 6                                2                         5

P. Pacheco                              2                                                           5

N. Gentry                                 4               1               1            2           1

B. Rehm                                                                                                1

D. Roch                                   2                                1                          1

B. McCamley                           8                                              1            1

T. McMillan                              2                                                             6

M. Maestas                             3                1                             1            4

Photo courtesy UNM Cancer Center.


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