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March 1, 2015

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Feb. 25, 2015 by Joey Peters



SPREADing out some details

New ticketing process for nascent micro-granting initiative

October 24, 2011, 11:55 am
By SFR Staff

Ticket sales begin Wednesday for SITE Santa Fe’s micro-granting process, SPREAD, now in its second year. A story on the initiative will appear in the Oct. 26 issue of SFR, but we thought we’d release a few ticketing details, early, because the process has changed, and the event will more than likely sell out.

Beginning 6 pm, Wednesday, museum members have first dibs on tickets, which they can buy at SITE Santa Fe. On Thursday, tickets for the general public go on sale at 5 pm at Acequia Booksellers in Albuquerque, and at 6 pm at SITE.

SITE sells the cash-only tickets—only two per person—on a sliding scale from $15 to $50. Staff produced a clever little poster to help you decide how much you should give: if you walk or skateboard to pick up your ticket, pay $15; if you bike, $20; if you drive a car that spits or sputters, $25; if you drive a good car, $30 if you drive an SUV or luxury car, $40; if you arrive by jet, $50. Of course, staff won’t refuse any one who wants to pay more than $50.

Your dinner ticket is also your ballot, which you will deposit in the box representing your favorite project at the end of the demonstrations. All the proceeds—the cash—go to the winning project—there can be only one—that very night, and SITE picks up the tab for the dinner.

For details on the eight finalists, go to the page on SITE’s… um, site on the world wide web. Or you can just believe us when we say that you should plan on buying a ticket: SPREAD is a party, a meal and art exhibition all in one.


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