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March 30, 2017

Exotic Eats

Benefit youth programs and the homeless with an international meal.

February 11, 2011, 10:00 am
By Tim Kraemer

Drop that burger, put down that hot dog and find some farther-out fare. The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church offers its 8th Annual International Feast, whose proceeds benefit youth programs and the homeless of Santa Fe.

"It originally started as a little fundraiser," church member and media contact Molly Genevieve Wright says, "but it's grown steadily over the years. Before we had done smaller things like garage sales and we wanted a larger event, a way to raise money for important issues and an opportunity to invite the community in."

Last year, more than 100 people attended.

What began as a fundraiser for the church, extended into community philanthropy. For the past two years proceeds have gone to Santa Fe's Interfaith Homeless Shelter. This year's proceeds go to youth camping programs in addition to IHS. 

This year's feast focuses on African and Eastern European cuisine. Santa Fe's Nile Café and Catering Co. contributes an Egyptian meal of lamb and baklava, while members of the parish prepare a Ukrainian dish of pierogis and halupkis as well as a vegetarian-friendly Ethiopian lentil recipe with spinach and injera, an Ethiopian flatbread.

Meal prices include beverages and dessert. Baklava and other baked goods are on sale separate from the main dishes, including homemade pies and breads contributed by members of the parish. All meals can be eaten at a dining area within the church or carried out to go.

8th Annual International Feast

11 am-2 pm
Saturday, Feb. 12


Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
231 E Cordova Road


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