--2 Española Animal Shelter Update
March 3, 2015

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January, a 2yr old Chihuahua in her winter woolies before heading off to a foster home to stay warm in until Saturday morning
courtesy Española Animal Shelter

Española Animal Shelter Update

Animals are safe; Shelter still without gas and water

February 4, 2011, 7:00 am
By Julia Goldberg
Following yesterday's crisis at Española Animal Shelter, in which the shelter lost both gas and water, the shelter's community outreach director Nina Chiotasso reports that the animals are all safely fostered in homes.

However, the shelter is still without gas and water, and Chiotasso tells SFR the shelter is in need of blankets and propane for those animals that will be returned to the shelter this evening and tomorrow.

The shelter is open from 10 am to 5 pm; please bring your donations to the shelter, which is located at 108 Hamm Parkway.

Additionally, while the shelter has been able to temporarily place animals, it continues to receive them. In a press release from the shelter, Shelter Manager Lisa Gipe says, "We have animals coming in, but we don't have a chance to get the current animals into permanent situations, so this weekend, we are going to need adoptions. Not just want them, but need them, or else there simply won't be a place for all these animals to come back to once the heat is back up and running."

The shelter is cutting adoption fees in half all weekend to try to place the 100 dogs and cats that will be returning from temporary fostering on Saturday morning.

Here are some photos of the shelter animals yesterday before they departed the shelter for warm temporary homes.

January, a 2yr old Chihuahua in her winter woolies before heading off to a foster home to stay warm in until Saturday morning
Credits: courtesy Española Animal Shelter

Chauncy, a 4yr old spaniel mix is all smiles as he gets into a warm car to leave the chilly shelter for the next two days
Credits: Photo courtesy Española Animal Shelter


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