--2 Solano Made at least $13,000 through E-Bay
Sept. 29, 2016

Solano Made at least $13,000 through E-Bay

A tally of the former sheriff's online sales

December 10, 2010, 3:00 pm
By Julia Goldberg

As reported this week, former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano reportedly used the handle Turquad2010, along with sfbnews, to conduct ebay sales for a variety of items, including, he admitted in a resignation letter last month, county property. State police are investigating Solano's admitted theft, but have yet to disclose how much money Solano allegedly made by illegally selling county property.

If you look at the Turquad2010 account, you can get some idea of the sales by tracking those customers who left comments about the seller (mostly positive comments, as it happens).

I have no way of knowing, precisely, how large a representation those buyers who left comments is from how many sales total may have happened. Nor did I separate out those sales that appeared to be connected to county property, such as police equipment.

I did, however, scrape all the buyer comments, some of which include descriptions and prices for the items they purchased (this includes, for some reason, a large amount of Obama swag). I then embedded the excel document of sales into Socrata, so that I could present them here as a database.

I'm still in progress, but right now these are totaling more than $13,000. These are just sales for the last four years. I deleted from the spread sheet those sales that didn't indicate any information about the items sold. I also deleted the items Solano purchased (or, at least, intended to. If you see anything in which "comment left by" says "seller," that means I accidentally included an item Solano bought.

So, take a look. Let me know if you see anything interesting. I'm still parsing through. Given Solano's history of financial problems, I was expecting to see bigger figures here. But, again, this may be just a drop in the bucket.

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