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Oct. 1, 2016
Dub Wars
Mike Zolnick

Never Tell Me The Odds

September 2, 2010, 12:00 am
By Mike Zolnick
Don’t underestimate the power of the Force. Star Wars fans, local DJs and several scruffy-looking nerf herders came in droves last Saturday to Dub Wars, a Star Wars-themed DJ night at Corazón.

Dub Wars featured the bumping beats of DJs Erin E C3P0 and Feathericci Skywalker. That’s right, this was no night at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Patrons got down to some sweet tunes on the back dance floor (voted SFR’s No. 1 Best Place to Dance by readers) that, sadly, didn’t incorporate any of John Williams’ orchestrated themes.

Light Side vs. Dark Side DJ-ing
Credits: Mike Zolnick

Many bar-goers weren't aware of the evening's theme.

“I didn’t know what was going on when I got here,” one woman, who preferred her identity not be revealed lest a Google search link her name with a Star Wars-themed bar night, said. “I turned the corner and there was this Stormtrooper pointing his gun at me. He scared the shit out of me.”

Corazon really beefed up their security for Dub Wars
Credits: Mike Zolnick

Customers were presented with a deal no fan-boy could refuse: free admission for anyone in costume. So yes, there were Jedis, Imperial troops and at least one argument at the door about what qualifies as a “costume.” (“Dude, I’m wearing all black. I’m totally repping the Dark Side.”)

There was a plethora of costumes, trilogies playing on the TVs and dozens of different types of Star Wars memorabilia. A highlight of the night: a fully-scripted reenactment of the Cantina scene from A New Hope. Check out the clip from Episode IV below and imagine it happening at your local hang out. As if to end a perfect Star Wars evening, a well-choreographed light saber dance/battle took place outside that left many of the more Force-sensitive patrons cowering in fear.


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