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Sept. 23, 2017
Fans cheer on the Iberian Peninsula
Drew Lenihan

The World Cup, SFR Plays Along: Cowgirl

June 30, 2010, 12:00 am
By Drew Lenihan

Today is the first day without world-class soccer in a while. It’s time to let the teams and fans rest for a couple of days before we get down to the nitty-gritty of the quarter-finals.

I went to Cowgirl to cheer on the rivalry, and boy was it a honky tonkin’ ruckus of a good time.  The bar was full of fans and passionate Spanish toddlers ran around the room starting traditional Spanish fight songs while the beer flowed and the meats simmered.


Fans cheer on the Iberian Peninsula

Many narratives have formed this World Cup including the emergence of Ghana as the new representative of Africa, the tale of the two ‘guays making it to the semifinals, and of course yesterday’s dramatic Iberian showdown between Spain and Portugal.

 I should have anticipated that Cowgirl would know how to show the World Cup right, as it is one of the only restaurants that showed the 2006 World Cup. There seems to be more competition in this town this time around, but  Cowgirl may still be the leading baron of World Cup watching.


Not only are there nice big TVs a full 360 degrees around the bar room, but Cowgirl makes the authentic decision to watch the games on Univision instead of nerdy ESPN. So even though you might not understand what is going on, joining in on the Mexican commentators' “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!” is sure to cause you and the rest of the bar’s patrons to erupt into celebration. 


The game was physical and the players were passionate as they battled their neighbors. In the end, Spain was the team that came out on top when sensational David Villa chipped one over the goalie in the 63rd minute.  The tio now has four goals in the tournament.  It was enough for the Spanish side to hold on for the remainder of the match. 


As the match ended,  Cowgirl seemed to glow in the glory of the Spaniards, who are peaking at the precise moment and have a great chance to win it all.  I will definitely be back at  Cowgirl for more games because the atmosphere will only get rowdier and more fun as the stakes become higher.


Cowgirl Hall of Fame Overall Score: 9/10 Golden Boots



This will be an ongoing blog series with a new entry or two every week about a different restaurant or bar to watch the action.  If you have any suggestions for Santa Fe world cup venues by all means e-mail us at culture@sfreporter.com and put “world cup” as the subject.


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