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Sept. 27, 2016

Swing Dancing: Friendlier than Tango?

April 13, 2010, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
Swing Lesson and Dance

Lesson: 7 pm
Dance: 8 pm
Every Monday night

$8 for lesson & dancing; $3 for dancing alone

Oddfellows Hall
1125 Cerrillos Road

A few weeks ago, Alex De Vore's column about the meanies at El Mesón's tango milonga caused quite the uproar in our Letters to the Editor section (as well as the Calls to Alex's Cell Phone section). Some claimed that tango dancers are actually really nice; some claimed that Alex is right, that tango dancers are jerks; some claimed that Albuquerque's tango community is much nicer than its Santa Fe foil; and still more claimed that everyone should ditch tango and come to swing dancing nights instead.

We find the last option most enticing. Conveniently, editorial intern Ramón A Lovato is a regular at Santa Fe Swing's Monday night swing dancing at Odd Fellows Hall, and he hooked us up with a sweet batch of pictures from the most recent monthly swing event with live music (swing dancing lessons are every Monday, and on the first Saturday of every month the group brings in a live band for an 8 pm lesson followed by dancing until 11:30 pm; the next Saturday night concert is May 1). And guess what? No one objected to him snapping some snaps! (For sure, these people look pretty friendly & appear to be having a marvelous time.)

All photos by Ramón A Lovato


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