--2 Watch And Wonder: Could These Officers Have Been 'Saved'?
Sept. 24, 2016

Watch And Wonder: Could These Officers Have Been 'Saved'?

January 21, 2010, 12:00 am
By Corey Pein
Santa Fe Police Officers Association president Sgt. Allen Lopez told SFR that several officers fired within the last year for misconduct could've been saved.

Watch the video over at the Journal—and read the full arbitrator's report recommending termination for the officers involved, after the cut—and decide for yourself.

Also after the cut: A new statement from Mayor David Coss on "Santa Fe Police Misconduct."

Click on these images to enlarge them. SFR has gone through and highlighted some interesting bits.







Statement by Mayor David Coss on Santa Fe Police Misconduct

Santa Fe - The city released a video of two Santa Fe Police officers involved in the use of excessive force on a 14 year old and information about an officer who committed perjury before a state grand jury. Corey Pein from the Santa Fe Reporter and Kiera Hay from the Albuquerque Journal North have both reported on these incidents.

I want to stress that I will not tolerate perjury nor the use of excessive force or brutality in my administration. Despite pressure at the time, I supported the decisions by Chief Johnson and Chief Wheeler to dismiss the three officers in question.

The quality of our officers should not be judged by the misdeeds of a few. I am proud of the caliber of police officers on the force. I believe they work hard and with integrity. In my administration we have increased the number of police officers on the force from 124 to the current level of 154 officers - while maintaining very high standards of law enforcement.


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