--2 VisionShift! Art in the Age of Climate Change hits Santa Fe
Sept. 25, 2017

VisionShift! Art in the Age of Climate Change hits Santa Fe

October 8, 2009, 12:00 am
By Interns
The art of energy flows through many currents, and art without purpose is really nothing more than a Thomas Kinkade painting. But when Santa Fe's collective environmental consciousness streams forth and blends with its equally progressive art scene, the collaboration becomes a movement; and those first steps ascend this weekend when the city celebrates Vision Shift! Art in the Age of Climate Change.

To call it a festival is a cop-out. Vision Shift! is really more of an awakening amidst a climate of self-righteous zealots who can't stop barking about deforestation and weeping over melting ice caps as if cartographers were already sketching Arizona Bay. The quest of the Art Collaborative, an organization that spearheads this caravan of organizations and institutions, is to communicate the realities of our current environmental and economic crises through the universal language of art and in the process create an open dialogue for positive change.

To read more about what's on tap for VisionShift! for the next few weeks, get more descriptions and a full schedule below the jump.

On Thursday, October 8, Mayor David Coss delivers the proclamation for the event, outlining the objectives not only for the Art Collaborative and the New Energy Economy, but also engaging Santa Feans to consider their own earthly challenges met on a daily basis. The New Energy Economy is more of a fellowship than a coalition and its objective is to enlighten the community of very real possibilities for diminishing the proverbial carbon footprint through the use of innovative building initiatives and greater awareness of alternative energy sources like solar power. Translated through the passionate works of individuals from the Art Collective, this message of “going green” refreshes the will of the community for continued pro-activism.

Mayor Coss' speech is the official “kick-off” at Santa Fe Place, featuring music by guest DJ Anjali whose beats provide the backdrop for the unveiling of a community mural, spawned from the fertile minds of artists Bryan Dixon and friends. Also featured during the opening reception is Littleglobe. This tight-knit troupe of intergenerational artists and activists presents an interactive performance addressing the aftermath of continued dependence on fossil fuels.

As Littleglobe Creative Director Molly Sturges tells SFR, “The intention is to create a dialogue with the audience. It's a means to explore the myths about climate change that we understand today and how we can help create a new paradigm for how we interact with the world we live in.”

For Friday, October 9, the Center for Contemporary Arts hosts a free-for-all with no creative vision left behind. Artists Lea Rekow, Andrea Polli and Jenny Polak are just some of the featured guests in an interactive exhibition including sound installations, spoken media, and a Cloud Car (an artists' rendering of human energy meets fossil fuels). The fun runs from 5-7. The CCA also features a lecture from entertainer and activist John Fogarty at 6 pm with an opening presentation from the performance artists of Littleglobe.

On Saturday, October 10, Warehouse 21 welcomes acclaimed architect Ed Mazria for a lecture on sustainable building technology and the challenges faced as clean industry races to catch up with the demands of our developing world. Founder of Architecture 2030, Mazria has pioneered the future landscape of urban architecture and presents his approach to a harmonious balance between culture and business to help decrease emissions and encourage corporations to take ethical responsibility for the consequences of unchecked operations. By creating a blueprint for Big Business, the transition becomes more palatable and ultimately feasible. Mazria's presentation begins at 7:10 pm after Nolan Eskeets from the Santa Fe Indian School shares a spoken word piece at 7 pm.

At Left: Bart Woodstrup, "The Hottest Year on Record"

In conjunction with the Vision Shift! happenings this weekend, the Santa Fe Art Institute hosts a mixed media meltdown, Post Fossil Fuel Exhibition, an open showing for any person compelled to share their creative visions with the community. The show runs from Monday, October 5 through the 30 at SFAI [Info@sfai.org].

The final push to persuade political leaders just how important this cause is for all of us, Earth Care's Youth Allies Organizers sponsor an auction to raise money and awareness for capping carbon emissions. The auction will be held Saturday, October 24, from 2-4 pm [youthallies@earthcare.org].

And if one month of rallying isn't enough, Vision Shift! prepares to take you through the entire month and beyond with their numerous exhibitions as well as their program, Art-in-Transit which will highlight the programs' efforts through colorful displays in and on local buses! They've covered every possible angle. You couldn't miss this celebration if you wanted to.

Vision Shift! Art in the Age of Climate Change

Thursday, Oct. 8 5-7 pm: Kick-Off event at Santa Fe Place
4250 Cerillos Road

5-7 pm Friday, Oct. 9  Center for Contemporary Arts exhibition
6 pm   John Fogarty lecture/ opening performance Littleglobe
1050 Old Pecos Trail

5-7 pm Friday, Oct. 9 Badland exhibit
Museum of Contemporary Art
107 W. Palace Ave.

Oct. 5th- Oct 30th   SFAI Post Fossil Fuel Exhibition
1600 St. Michael's Dr.

5-7 pm Saturday, Oct. 10  Print exhibition from  Ron Pokrasso workshop
7 pm Oct. 10  Spoken word performance by Nolan Eskeet
7:10 pm Oct. 10  Lecture from Ed Mazria
Warehouse 21
1614 Paeo de Peralta

10 am -2 pm Friday, Oct. 16th  live feed from Bioneers CCA
10 am -2 pm Saturday, Oct. 17th  live feed from Bioneers CCA
10 am -2 pm Sunday, Oct. 18th live feed from Bioneers CCA
1050 Old Pecos Trail

2-4 pm Saturday, Oct. 24th  Earth Care's Youth Alliance auction to reduce carbon emissions
(starts at CCA, ends at Roundhouse)
1050 Old Pecos Trail

All Oct.: Art in Transit- everywhere there's a bus


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