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Feb. 28, 2015

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Burrito Night With Ben Ray! (Updated)

September 17, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
Tortilla Coast, DC's unbuckle-your-beltway Mexican joint, is hosting a fundraiser for Rep. Ben Ray Lujan on Sept. 22. That's a Tuesday and, according to TC's web site, that means it's Burrito Night! Yay! Burritos! The menu includes "The Big House" burrito, a veggie burrito, the "Inside Out" burrito, the "Big Tex" burrito, the "Sunset" burrito, and a"BBQ" burrito. Your choice for just $7.99.

Oh, wait. Make that $1,007.99.

The Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time site has posted information regarding Lujan's latest fundraiser, including directions and a flyer. The event costs $1,000 for "guests," $2,500 for "PAC sponsors" and $5,000 for "PAC Hosts." Oh, but no nachos for federal lobbyists; your money's no good with Lujan.

So, who, then, is shelling out the loot for a chance to chew the beans with Ben Ray? Spokesman Mark Nicastre says he'll get back to us, via email, "We do not have final numbers or confirmed attendees for Tuesday's event. Any contributions will be reflected on the 3rd quarter report, which will be released on October 15."

CD-1's Rep. Martin Heinrich is more of a breakfast man. He had one this morning at Jacob's House and another brekkie scheduled for Tuesday at Johnnie's Half Shell, each costing $500 per individual.

CD-2's Rep. Harry Teague is the busiest fundraiser of all this week (and in all cases, the minimum price is $1,000):

Sept. 23rd, Breakfast @ Tortilla Coast
Sept. 22nd,  Energy Breakfast @ American Gas Association
Sept. 20th, Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants @ Cowboys Stadium
Sept. 17th, Labor Community Lunch @ Tortilla Coast

Lujan flyer after the jump.


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