--2 Slides: Gangs of Santa Fe (On MySpace)
Sept. 23, 2017

Slides: Gangs of Santa Fe (On MySpace)

July 15, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
This week, SFR reveals that Santa Fe's gang turf has spread to the Web with more than 60 youths openly declaring gang affiliation on their MySpace pages ["Gang Sign of the Times"].  The Web is naturally ephemeral and, no doubt, many of these pages will change or switch to private.

This slide show of screen captures and photo downloads illustrates the prevalence of gangs in Santa Fe, particularly on the West Side, the territory claimed by Barrio West Side, West Side Locos and Mann St.

Click here to launch the larger viewer (recommended).

After the jump is a list of gangs and cliques documented by the Santa Fe Police Department's Gang Unit.

Documented mainstay gangs in the

Santa Fe Metro area

  • West Side Locos 13; primary area, Hopewell, Mann, and St. Michaels drive

  • Mann Street 13; a clique of WSL 13

  • Barrio West Side; primary area, everything west of north Saint Francis up to Osage Avenue.

  • APT (Alto Park Thugs); Clique of Barrio West Side

  • West Side 700 Block; Primary area 700 Block of Alameda and San Francisco Streets.

  • Sureno 13; Primary area, Airport Road, Jaguar Drive, are known to frequent areas all over Santa Fe

  • MLC (Mexican Locos Clique); Clique of Sur 13.

  • MCK (Mexican Clique Killers); Clique of Sur 13.

  • VGS (Vagos); used to clique up with Sur 13, but have since started their own street presence in the Espinacitas and Third Street areas. They are also based out of California.

  • SSL 13; Primary area Highway 14, have committed numerous crimes in the City of Santa Fe to include robbery and murder.

  • Latin Kings; don't really have a specific area of turf but have engaged in several incidents in the Airport Road corridor. Founding members are from the Chicago area.

  • La Raza; clique of the Latin Kings.

  • Raza 13; primary area Airport Road

  • Juggalos and Juggalettes; are the very true followers and fans of the Insane Clown Posse. Are documented as a national gang. Members have been found wearing clown make up and carrying hatchets. Unknown number in Santa Fe.

  • Norte 14; Primary area Airport Road.

  • North Side Locos; Primary area of Chimayo and Espanola, do frequent the downtown area of Santa Fe, and have committed numerous crimes in the City of Santa Fe.

  • VL 13 (Vatos Locos 13); primary area Airport Road.

  • Riverside Locos; Primary area Riverside Mobile home park

  • Tierra Block; Primary area Tierra Real Mobile home park

  • Santa Boyz; Located sporadically around Santa Fe.

  • SBC (Santa Boys Crew); Primary area El Dorado and the East side of Santa Fe

  • 201 Crew; clique of SBC

  • BTR Crew ( Big Time Racks) Tagging Crew

  • Bandidos; Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang, does have two Santa Fe Chapters.


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