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Sept. 29, 2016

SFR on KNME, Friday @ 7pm

May 28, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff

KNME's public policy news show, New Mexico In-Focus, has invited me to serve as a guest panelist again. We're shooting today in Albuquerque, but the show runs Friday night at 7pm on TV. You can also check back here over the weekend for the embedded clip.

Tentatively, "The Line" panel will discuss issues including the new Supreme Court appointee, Sonia Sotomayor, the effect of Prop 8 on New Mexico, the lingering issue of the death penalty, China's ties to New Mexico, and whether Gov. Bill Richardson will come to the rescue of those journalists imprisoned in North Korea. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to share that list, but hey--it can't be bad to build up the hype, such as it is, for televised public policy debates.

For those following my fashion style, I will not be wearing my guyabera today, nor my one, single tie. Instead, I've donned my one another nice, button down shirt, grey with vertical stripes. I have, however, used my roommate's styling gunk in my hair.

The main goal of tonight's appearance, for me, is to not let Republican strategist Whitney Cheshire derail my train of thought. Damn, that woman's clever on a panel. Remind me never to join her on Weakest Link.

The secondary goal is to sneak in a sideways jab at Joe Monahan, who announced his paranoid obsession with my appearances on the show a few weeks back during the miniature blog war.

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