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Jan. 17, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust

May 5, 2009, 12:00 am
By Patricia Sauthoff

May 16 is really going to suck for the young artistic class of Santa Fe. Not only does the College of Santa Fe celebrate its final graduation as a private school but The Candyman, the only indie music store in town, shuts its doors.

Not only have I spent hundreds of dollars on records at The Candyman over the last few years but I've also earned a few bucks working there on the side, doing inventories, ringing up customers, etc. It's been the kind of place where, on a bad day, I can just hang out.

Things haven't been going so well for Santa Fe's only indie record store for some time. Of course all the music pirates have made selling CDs difficult but the store's vinyl and classical sections helped bring people in the doors. The economy tanking hasn't helped either but it was the death earlier this year of owner Matthew Schartzman that made going forward nearly impossible.

But, while The Candyman will be selling off its inventory of CDs, DVDs and high end televisions local musicians can be assured that the other half of the business, Strings and Things, is staying strong. Longtime employee Rand Cook is set to take over and, if all goes well, expand the musical instruments part of the shop.

The sale begins on Wednesday and the store closes its doors on May 16.


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