--2 Old School/Indie Giveaway of Beastie Boys' reissue TONIGHT
Aug. 17, 2017

Old School/Indie Giveaway of Beastie Boys' reissue TONIGHT

April 24, 2009, 12:00 am
By Julia Goldberg
Is it just me or did everyone spend most of 1989/90 listening to Paul's Boutique over and over again while driving around in a beat-up Escort until you knew every single word by heart, until you almost felt crazy because even when you weren't in your car playing that tape you still had the Beastie Boys' lyrics stuck in your head and you were like, Oh My God, I love this album more than I have ever loved anything (and then you repeated the entire series of events a year or two later when NWA's first album came out?)
Um, so that was just me?
Whatever the case, when DJ Rocque Ranaldi called me to talk about Indie Santa Fe's 20th anniversary promo of Paul's Boutique, I had two very distinct reactions.
1. Oh my God, I must win one of the copies of the 20th anniversary edition of that album.
2. I am so freaking old it is not even funny anymore.
I've decided to go with the first reaction, and you should too. Tonight, tune in to Rocque's Independent Get Down at the online station (here's the link if you missed it above). During the show, Rocque at some point will give you a number to call and if you're like super freaking lucky, you'll win one of these commemorative CDs, which have been digitally remastered, AND Rocque says they will throw in a copy of Check Your Head, even.


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