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Sept. 24, 2017


April 3, 2009, 12:00 am
By Patricia Sauthoff

So, I've been carrying around this card that lets me get into the Genoveva Chavez Center for about two months. Since I'm not much of a workout kind of person it's just sat in my wallet untouched and making me feel guilty. I want to go do active things but I'd have to drive all the way over there and unless there's a skateboard, snowboard or mountain involved, exercise just isn't for me.

But this swimming business caught my attention. I used to love to swim, and I don't mean when I was 5. I think I was a sophomore in high school when I finally quit swim team (50 laps without stopping, I don't think so, I was a sprinter).

I decided to stalk Charlotte over at the pool (with her permission of course) and got the eyes all filled with chlorine. The GC3 does have a nice pool. But there are two things worth blogging about here.

1) One of the lifeguards looks just like Waldo. Rad!

2) There is a water slide. I forgot about this (the last time I was in the GC3 was to watch a hockey game some 4 years ago). I was so excited to take a ride down that slide since it's been even longer since I've had any of that action and it seemed like the perfect way to reward myself for actually hitting the pool (that or a doughnut--which was the treat we always (and oddly) got before swim practice). Something, though, told me that my plan wasn't perfect. First, I checked the rules. I had to be more than 44 inches tall. Done. And that was about it. So Charlotte and I ventured up the wet stairs and waited behind a line of adorable kids. But some lady yelled at us. "This is a swimming lesson, you can't go" she called. Damn. Foiled. By the time we got down the stairs the pool was starting to clear, the lesson was apparently over. With no yelling lady in sight I tried again. This time the lifeguard (not Waldo, the other guyhey, why are they under umbrellas anyway, it's an indoor pool) put the kibosh on my slide. "The pool is closed" he hollered.

Man. All I wanted was one little trip down the green slide. Sure, I'd probably built it up in my head way too much but seriously. I wanted to yell at him, I promise I won't drown, I used to be a certified lifeguard (though I never got a lifeguard job).

Stupid rules. I don't like those things and I often will just ignore people but since I did enjoy the laps and intend to go back I figured getting thrown out of the the GC3 on my first visit wasn't the best idea.

Next time though, be warned lifeguard and swim class lady. I'll be wearing earplugs, that way, when you yell at me I really won't have heard you. Ha.


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