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Sept. 21, 2017

Benicio _ _ _ _ Toro (aka, crossword fun)

March 12, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff

Okay people. I think that picture should say it all. But let's elaborate, shall we?

Yesterday afternoon, I was hanging out with my friend Kerry in my living room. "Let's do the crossword!" she declared, picking up yesterday's SFR. She opened to the back, where the crossword is found. She started in on it.

"Um... I think this is wrong," she said. "It says Benicio Blank Toro."

"Del," I replied. Duh.

"It says it's four letters."

She flipped to the next page to find the answers and - lo and behold - the supposed answers didn't match the blanks on the crossword at all. "What the hell?" she asked me.

"I don't know," I replied, "my department [editorial] doesn't make the crosswords."

We then picked up LAST week's SFR and did THAT crossword. All was well and good... until this morning.

I came into work to see my answering machine blinking. Upon checking my voice mails, a positively irate woman had called me yesterday afternoon "just to vent" (as she said) about the crossword.

"I'm just SO disappointed!" she exclaimed. "At least twice a month the crossword is messed up, so at least twice a month I close the Reporter, wondering WHY I pick it up in the first place!" She continued, "This is OBVIOUSLY an editorial issue, since OBVIOUSLY some EDITOR lets it go through with all these ERRORS!"

...The message went on for a good long time, berating me further and further for our shitty editorial work on this crossword that editorial... well... doesn't edit.

The kicker came when Irate Woman didn't leave her name or any contact info for me to get back to her to let her know that, well, she called the wrong person. The wrong department altogether, as it were. And that she was quite wrong, in fact. And that she'd made me sad.

Soooo, I was forced to bring this to a public place to tell Irate Woman: You're wrong! And next time any of you feel like complaining and being generally mean about something that is, well, kind of pointless... Just comment on this entry. We'll receive it, I swear.


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