--2 Pirates and Zombies Take Over The Roundhouse
Dec. 10, 2016

Pirates and Zombies Take Over The Roundhouse

February 10, 2009, 12:00 am
By Patricia Sauthoff
Leave it to art school kids to get all dolled up for a special occasion. The College of Santa Fe took over The Roundhouse Rotunda today to ask for support for HB 577, which would allow the state to takeover CSF and make it a public institution.

CSF President Stuart Kirk, Highlands President James Fries, Rep. Luciano "Lucky" Varela, Santa Fe Poet Laureate Valerie Martinez, Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and others spoke out in support of the bill while students stood guard decked out in full zombie and pirate gear. Not sure what that was supposed to prove but it did seem to make security a little uncomfortable.

Though no decisions were made today the support was pretty overwhelming. Students, staff and faculty of the college filled the rotunda and the balcony above was stuffed with people.

Fries' speech was the least riveting but also the least pep rally-esque. He seems genuinely interested in keeping CSF alive not only as an institution but an art institution. That's been my big question all along: What will CSF look like if it's taken over. What makes CSF interesting (as a member of the community and an adjunct faculty member) is the art community it breeds. The students bring a unique approach to learning by going beyond textbooks and the faculty are accomplished artists that inspire their students and bring their creativity to Santa Fe. If CSF were to turn into, say, a school that focused on Hotel Management I'm not sure it would be worth the burden to the state.


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