--2 Rep. Martinez is now my friend.
Feb. 8, 2016

Rep. Martinez is now my friend.

January 15, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
What's the difference between Myspace and Facebook, the novice asks? Um, ok...lemme break it down, quickly and concisely:

If you are a band, you should be on MySpace. If you are under the age of 20, you should be on MySpace. If you are a death row inmate, you should be on MySpace.

If you are anybody else, particularly a professional, then you should be on Facebook.

Oh and let's get even more specific...if you're a politician, you should be on Facebook.

This week, I received  friend request from none other than Grants-based Democratic legislator Rep. Ken Martinez.

This was a very good move for Martinez, and only in part because I'm a very good person to be friends with. In part, vampire-biting or throwing pickles (or whatever the latest app is) at a lawmaker is great catharsis...but also because it means I don't have to call him to let him know about my latest blog post and he doesn't have to call me to tell me that he's got a film technician training program appropriation being debated in approps.

So, good on you, Ken. And great hair!

Other legislators on Facebook (who have yet to accept my friend request):

Rep-elect Eric Griego
Sen-elect Tim Keller
Rep-elect Brian Egolf
Sen. Cisco McSorley
Sen. Dede Feldman

Oh, and by the way...if you haven't noticed the "Share This" button below, you should give it a click if there's a particular post that captures your fancy. With a single push of the button, you can post it to Facebook for all your friends--twenty-somethings and legislators alike--to enjoy.


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