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It’s 'Twister' Part 2!

'Into the Storm' is worse than bad; it’s boring

August 5, 2014, 12:00 am

Where’s David Spade when you need him? Into the Storm is so derivative that one imagines Spade sitting a row behind you at the theater, taunting the screen, saying, “I liked Into the Storm more the first time I saw it…when it was called Twister.” In fact, Into the Storm is so similar to Jan de Bont’s mid-1990s unintentional larf-fest that one wonders how Warner Bros. isn’t suing itself.

But that’s how film properties work, right? For God’s sake, the storm chaser at the heart of Into the Storm even wants to get data from inside the cyclone’s eye, just as Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton did in Twister.

And if you’re a filmmaker in the 2010s with little imagination and a big budget (for special effects, not casting), you go the found-footage route. You also feature TV stars from beloved series, including Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead, or actors usually buried under pounds of prosthetics, including Richard Armitage from The Hobbit series.

There are one or two spectacular action sequences. A vortex of fire swallows on camera operator, and the final tornado wreaks havoc. Plus, Matt Walsh, normally an actor in comedies, shows range outside the “Veep” offices. But even at 89 minutes, Into the Storm drags, and I’m pretty sure tornadoes aren’t supposed to be boring.



Directed by Steven Quale

With Callies, Armitage and Walsh

Regal Stadium 14

89 min.


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