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Piano Lessons

David Geist is here to school you

July 8, 2014, 12:00 am

Should you find yourself in the mood for a veritable smörgåsbord of finely executed show tunes, you’ll have a hell of a time working out a better solution than a David Geist performance.

After all, how many local musicians can boast such an impressive pedigree? Geist cut his teeth on Broadway working with the likes of Stephen Sondheim, tickling the ivories for the original run of The Lion King and more. Additionally, the man has more rock and/or roll in his little finger than some have in their entire bodies.

Maybe it’s in Geist’s effortless ability to disarm the listener—even those who think they don’t like musicals—and lead them through a cavalcade of musical hits, or maybe it’s just that he is ferociously talented. Either way, there’s a whole mess of fun to be had with special guest vocalists like Julie Trujillo or Ben Callan, and you could do a lot worse when it comes to fine wines and killer calamari.

The last time we took in a Geist performance, we heard tunes from such beloved shows as Chicago and Little Shop of Horrors, but his astoundingly vast repertoire covers so much more and is sure to delight even the most studious show tunes fan.

Even if you aren’t sure that show tunes are for you, keep Geist in mind for your next outing, your next hot date or the next time you’re simply jonesing for great music.

You won’t be disappointed.

David Geist
6-9 pm Thursday July 10 
 and Friday July 11. $2. 
 Pranzo Italian Grill, 
 540 Montezuma Ave., 


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